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My Beauty Makeup Collection 2021

Beauty Makeup Collection 2021
Ten years ago, I only had two nail polishes. My beauty makeup collection 2021 it's hard to even believe today.

Ten years ago, I only had two nail polishes. My beauty makeup collection 2021 it’s hard to even believe today. I used to buy Flormar’s red nail polish in two different shades all the time. Over time, I started adding nail polish to my basket every time I shopped at a cosmetics store, and then I had close to a hundred nail polishes. Three years ago, my nail polish collection, which I shook off and said “what am I doing”, has shrunk to this day. Today, we’re going to see the final version of my makeup collection by mixing my nail polish.

I have to admit, when I took the picture upstairs, I said to myself, “Oh, my God!” I really believed I’d reduced the nail polish count a lot, not so much. Although, the pile above includes the varnish, but that still doesn’t change the fact that they’re overcrowded. Frankly, I’m also very classic about beauty makeup collection 2021 nail polish; Other than red, burgundy and nude colors, I don’t wear much nail polish. What I have now, other than these shades, is what I really use occasionally… I took everything else out of my hand three years ago and bought only one nail polish, except for the upstairs and downstairs polish that’s been going on for at least the last two years.

In the photo above, you see my ball coats. I didn’t actually have that much nail polish, but with a few Sally Hansen polishes that my xenophrush didn’t want to use, the population grew dramatically in this part. I have to say, I don’t use them all at the same time. One at a time, I’m going to go back to the new one as it’s over.

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Wet n Wild Hard As Ice top coat, I think the best affordable nail polish protective polish! I finished a bottle, and this is my understrom. It is a product that extends the life of even my most resistant nail polishes up to 10 days, gives my nail polish a wonderful shine, dries quickly despite its structure being a little thick. Catrice Power Gel, on the other hand, was my Virgo’s favorite, so I took it before the brand pulled out of the Rossmanns and put it aside, which is waiting for its turn before it ever opens. Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry top coat was my favorite until beauty makeup tips I discovered Wet n Wild, but I don’t like it that much anymore. Right now, this is the ball coat I’m using on my dark nail polish, and when it’s over, I’m going to switch to Diamond Flash. Diamond Flash was Xenush’s, the bottle isn’t full, I haven’t tried it yet. Golden Rose Color Expert, in fact, is a transparent nail polish; I use it on my nude nail polish. And the performance of protecting my nail polish, I don’t think it’s bad.

My base coats, thanks to my Xenush, became crowded by the end of the year. Right now, I’m using the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure, a product that I discovered five or six years ago that strengthens and thickens my nails in regular use, which I’ve benefited a lot from. And right now, thanks to my xenush, I love it. Miracle Nail Thickener, also from Xenush; I’ll move on to this when the Miracle Cure is over, there’s very few products in it anyway. Chanel La Base looks beautiful on nails, even on its own. Its structure is thin, but it does not protect the nails from yellowing. If you ask me if it’s worth the price, I don’t think it’s worth it. Wet n Wild Megalast the Saving Base, a bottom polish I was curious about when I was very pleased with Hard as Ice, is waiting on the bench; I never opened it. There’s Pastel’s nail polish dryer liquid in the Bee Pollen bottle, which I transferred to when it no longer came from the bottle, beauty makeup collection 2021 and it’s over by the time I write this article. Mavala Thinner, nail polish thinner, savior of my waxing nail products, is a fantastic product! It’s been at my fingertips for years.

The team upstairs is my pupil! Red and burgundy nail polish is my favorite group and I’m the most whiny about its formulas! If you think I’m walking around 25 days a month in red nail polish, I don’t think I’m wrong to be picky.

Beauty Makeup Collection
Beauty Makeup Collection Information

The Dior Diorific 951 Passion is one of the brand’s New Year’s Eve collections from 3-4 years ago… I hit it in the bottle and took it, but the color, the permanence and the formula are beautiful. It’s a full flag red, it’s opaque on one floor, and it’s pretty permanent compared to a red nail polish… Sally Hansen 610 Red Zin and 575 Red Handed are my favorite red nail polish; Red Zin was my bride’s nail polish, and when it’s over, I’ll keep her bottle. They’re both five years old, and there’s been no deterioration in their structure. Chanel 18 Rouge Noir is a classic burgundy nail polish; I’ll keep taking it as it’s over. I love Chanel nail polish; they are thin, easy to install and permanent structures. They’re expensive, but if, like me, you’re already using 2-3 colors of nail polish, if you can budget, I suggest, I can use these nail polishes for years without waxing or spoiling up to the bottom of the bottle. These are properly designed nail polishes that aren’t garbage because of the length of the brush. Number Essie number 473 was one of the nail polishes of the brand’s New Year’s Eve collection, three years old. It’s a beautiful tile red, it takes three layers to be fully opaque, it stays for about two days but it has enough performance for me.

I bought the pomegranate blossom color Face Shop RD304 before the brand withdrew from our country, I can’t remember how many years. I still haven’t found nail polish that’s so durable, well formulated and affordable. Christian Louboutin and Rouge Louboutin were my wife’s gifts. When these nail polishes first came out, it was a big deal, remember? I liked your bottles, too. My dear Bora bought it for me as a New Year’s present because I liked it, I was so happy. But it’s a shame about the money! With all due respect, it’s no different from any nail polish, it’s opaque on one floor, but that’s the way affordable brands are now; it is not permanent, it comes out of the ends to the next day (top coatla). That brush handle is very impractical, the huge shoe heel-shaped handle may look stylish, but it’s never user-friendly. And yet, word, buy shoes from Louboutin or something, don’t buy nail polish.

As for my nail polish except for the red scale. Sally Hansen 670 Midnight in NY is a unique black man with purple-muse reflections that looks different from the light that strikes him! Oh, I love it. Golden Rose Ice Chic size 52, the only nail polish I bought after two years, is a dark purple (I’ve recently had a whim of purple nail polish). It’s opaque on three floors, it’s not permanent on me at all, it doesn’t take out two days, but well, it’s not a color I’d want to drive too often anyway (by the way, how expensive the nail polish is, I’m in shock). Dior 494 Junon, a gray underscane blue, very beautiful nail polish; It’s a marginal color for me, but I don’t regret taking it, and I’ve had it for years.

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Flormar Jelly Look JL13 Pale Eucalypt is a green with a gray underscade, a friend gave it to me as a gift and I loved it strangely. It’s the only Flormar product I’ve got, I don’t shop at the brand anymore, and when it’s over, I’ll have no Flormar products left. Golden Rose Jolly Jewels size 102, a silver glitter nail polish; Every 40 years, I only put one fingernail on my other nail polish. I’ve had it for years, and it’s never been broken. Sally Hansen Shell We Dance, beauty makeup collection 2021 light pink nail polish in a Chanel bottle; I transferred it to this bottle because the brush was separated. My nail polish, which I’ve had for years, which I love very much; It’s incredibly permanent and her nails are so clean, her hands look so well groomed. Loreal 104 Beige Countess is an opaque and gorgeous beige nail polish on one floor… This series is sold abroad and it’s a bit expensive but I love the performance, the structure.

With my nail polish, we’re at the end of my makeup collection. I’m proud to have finished this article I’ve been writing for almost a month and a half. I hope you read and enjoyed it without being bored.

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