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Spring and Summer Makeup Secrets

Spring and Summer Makeup Secrets
Chanel lipstick that applies a flawless layer of burgundy as it goes Speeding down the highway spring and summer makeup secrets

Spring and summer makeup secrets maaan, I have to give it to Chanel. They have a knack for unleashing righteous reds that are superwebly easy to apply. I didn’t even need a lipstick or lip brush for Pivoine Noire, the matte berry red I wear in it is an LE shade in the new spring-summer Les Fleurs de Chanel 2021 collection, and yes I can’t get over the fact that it’s a spring / summer release.

  • I applied it hands-free without much thought. straight from the subway.

Spring and Summer Makeup Secrets

Now I wonder if I could apply it while driving a car, like Jessica Chastaine’s character in Ava does in the opening scene. She’s a soldier turned assassin and with one hand she opens a tube of what I am pretty sure it’s a Chanel lipstick that applies a flawless layer of burgundy as it goes Speeding down the highway spring and summer makeup secrets.

  • This new collection is inspired by spring blooms and warm pinks, reds, rose and copper browns and lands on counters and next month’s Chanel website (which starts this week! There are plenty of finishes – matte, metallic and satin finish – in different levels of coverage.
  • The coral pink blush creates a sheer, bright color. So if you like blushes that don’t scream: “Look at me! I am obvious! “I also love the peach highlighter finish. It’s a soft eggshell gloss similar to Hourglass Ambients. There is no glossy highlighter here.
  • The Matte Red Lipstick At the opposite end of the coverage spectrum is this gorgeously opaque matte berry. Chanel’s Velvet Extreme formula applies flawlessly and glides along skin without tugging, but it’s not too slick to control easily. Basically, it’s super smooth and beauty makeup tips smells and tastes like hard rose candy.

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The mascara. Metallic 40 to 4 The coppery bronze color really shows up on dark lashes, which is super cool (colored mascara rarely shows up on my lashes), and Chanel’s Le Volume formula provides the look of thick, dramatic lashes that the line is famous.If you have lighter lashes, the effect will probably makeup secrets be more dramatic and flattering than it is to me. In me, I think color tends to make my eyes look smaller and more hooded than a standard black mascara …

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