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The 1980s Men Was The Year When Casual Wear

Men's sportswear trends in the 80s
The 1980s men was the year when casual wear both help match the club's current preference for distressed denim. "Just avoid anything that is too punk," he added.

The 1980s men was the year when casual wear became mainstream for the first time, driven by the explosive growth of gyms and fitness videos, and more and more people believed that the inner body was at least as important as the clothes covering it. It’s no different from today.

Of course, the gulf between sportswear and the rest of the wardrobe was still obvious at the time-you could wear a full tracksuit like a hip-hop pioneer, but it’s best not to try to pair jogging pants with a suit jacket. Today, these differences have largely disappeared. In fact, mashups and down jackets are the best way to avoid what looks like a tribute to Run DMC.

“You want to wear things that are modern and relevant,” said Andrew Brians, buyer of designer menswear electronics retailer Oki-Ni. “For example…a bucket hat would be a good shout.” Updating your references is also good. “Eliminate the look of the 80s by wearing something that was not directly grounded in the 80s,” Bryant said. This means looking for new brands instead of relying on those that define the appearance for the first time. Your look should be inspired by the 80s, not from the 80s.

Men’s sportswear trends in the 80s

After the exciting days of #menswear, athleisure and many of its branches, suits finally line up behind most wardrobes. But in the 1980s, tailoring was dominated, and this type of tailoring was dominant, which meant that the time to dust off two-piece clothing was now ripe. Although if you are only wearing a tight-fitting suit a few years ago, you need to update your silhouette.

“The trend of oversized blazers feels very symbolic from the 1980s,” Chilvers said, noting that countless brands and designers have designed their latest collections for Richard Gere in American Gigolo.

You don’t necessarily need to take the high-end route, but this is a trend worth investing in. “It looks like there will be several seasons,” Chilvers said. “Once you understand it, it’s actually not that hard to wear.

Chilvers’s suggestion? Think of it as a coat. “You can fold a sweater underneath. It looks great with jeans or just a pair of ordinary tailored trousers. You can put a football scarf on top and match it with basic sneakers or platform flats. Basically, don’t think too much. many.”

80s suit trendy men

For a long time, short-sleeved shirts were for truck drivers, and short-sleeved tropical print shirts were for your weird Uncle Dave. But then Prada appeared and reinvented the favorites of Magnum P.I. and “Club Tropicana”, tracing its roots in the 1950s.

The decade and the 1980s were about gorgeousness, which is why both fit perfectly with the generation that shared every moment on social media. And the Cuban collar shirt was inevitable all at once.

According to Brines, part of the inspiration for the trend of the 80s came from TV shows such as “Drug Lord” and “Assassination of Gianni Versace”, both of which featured bold printed shirts. But since we can’t all wear the jaw-dropping Prada, the easier way to wear this trend is to keep your prints subtle and floral-plant patterns are never tacky, but hula girls are inevitable.

Take the same “less is more” approach to color; a dark base with one or two accents, the ideal color is that you can wear it comfortably. Avoid the neon lights that were so beloved in the 80s at all costs-Screech Powers has no mood board.

80s men’s printed shirt trend

The dark, slim denim is outdated. Now, jeans have everything that fits and finishes, from high-waist spraying to loose and pleated. “Pickling and bleaching are the best ways to cater to the 80s trend,” Brine said. The 1980s men was the year when casual wear both help match the club’s current preference for distressed denim. “Just avoid anything that is too punk,” he added.

If you prefer to stick to the standard slim or tight fit, make sure your jeans look vibrant.

Worn jeans or heavily washed clothes can make things post-punk, especially if you put a tent-like suit jacket on top-the top-heavy silhouette is a classic of the 80s. “If in doubt, please refer to Jeff Goldblum,” Brine said. “In the 80s and today.”

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