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What is Flashback Makeup?

Flashback Makeup
What is flashback makeup? It's important to know the right and wrong in make-up because a proper make-up can show a 45-year-old woman at 35, while an extravagant make-up can show a 20-year-old girl at 45.

What is Flashback Makeup?

What is flashback makeup? It’s important to know the right and wrong in make-up because a proper make-up can show a 45-year-old woman at 35, while an extravagant make-up can show a 20-year-old girl at 45. So, what are the makeup mistakes that we should know and never flashback makeup? You can read our article for ways to avoid flashback makeup.

  • Using too much foundation

If you wear the foundation too much, make sure it looks like a mask on your face. It doesn’t matter if it’s thin or thick, any foundation applied layer by layer stops artificial and makes you look old. Especially women over middle age should prefer semi-shiny foundations with a thin build. Such foundations stand more molar and therefore more natural on the skin.

Foundations with matte, velvet finishes and very dense concealer properties, when applied too much, are over-applied and they are covered in fine lines, making them even more pronounced. No woman wants that, does she? You should always apply thick foundations lightly or in one layer so that they do not look like masks. It is a wonderful foundation that equalizes the skin tone, has a thin structure, reveals the radiance of the skin. It reveals natural and soft, smooth skin. It does not fill with lines and gestures. Creates skin with a fresh and healthy appearance. What is flashback makeup and what are the ways to protect flashback makeup?

  • Wrong Under-eye Concealer

Using a very dark or very light color concealer will inevitably make you look tired. Apply in a well-lit room to find the concealer that matches your skin color. With the hand mirror, you can test a new product by looking under different lights. So you can find the right tone.

When applying under-eye concealers, make sure they are illuminated. They hide the wrinkles there very well because they reveal and reflect the light around the eyes very well and illuminate the eye area. Quality products both illuminate the eye area and close problems. You can read our article for ways to avoid flashback makeup.

If you apply the concealers V-shaped from the eye spring to the outer corner of the eye, you will get the most effective result. Never fold concealers and drive them heavily around your eyes on the first drive. Since this area is too thinly structured, it can reveal all the defects more if it cannot be integrated with the product.

  • Not Using Water-Resistant Eyeliner for Protection from Flashback Makeup

If you’re going to use a dark eyeliner under your eyes, you need to be very careful. If the paint flows and dissipates, you can look like a raccoon! If you really don’t want to take this risk, use a water-resistant pen.

Quality is 3-in-1 eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyebrow shadow. It is durable for 12 hours, has water and sweatproof properties. Its smear, dispersion-resistant formula provides a relaxed application and high-impact pigment that feels like a feather. The soft tip is sensitive enough to form a fine and smooth line along the inner edge of the eye. Is flashback makeup unhealthy?

  • Using Too Much Powder

    The use of a lot of powder gives a tired and old expression. Don’t overdo it! To eliminate the brightness, gently move a translucent powder around your face, just.

Quality makeup products give the skin a natural and transparent appearance. It takes on a greasy glossy look, if any, and smoothes the skin.

  • Apply Dark Matte Lipsticks for Flashback Makeup Protection

Peach pinks, reds and other vibrant shades make you look younger and more dynamic. And your lips are fuller. Matte colors that play brown make the lips look both thinner and smaller and also older…. Even if you are going to use such dark colors, be sure to apply gloss to the middle of your lips so that your lips look thick by creating an effect. Remember, bright and vibrant lipsticks evoke youth, freshness!

  • Applying the Blush in The Wrong Place

One of the most common mistakes we make when applying makeup is to apply blush incorrectly. It’s always misused to look like Heidi when you’re coloring cheekbones, or to make the face look too long by applying the blush much lower than the cheekbones.

You want to apply the blush correctly, you need to drive it not directly to the round part of the cheekbone, but in a small amount to the top of the cheekbone. Quality products give the face a perfectly healthy appearance and natural freshness. Moreover, you can use 2 types of wet and dry.

  • Choosing the Wrong Blush Color

If you are white skinned, you should prefer rose pink and peach colors, not brown/dark tones. Wheat skin can also use pink and peach tones. Brunettes should opt for coral, orange, cherry and bronze tones. Otherwise, you may look older than you are with blush. How’s that? Imagine someone with very white skin applying dark bronze blush. Don’t you think he’ll look like a bruise on his face?

  • Using a Dark Eyebrow Pencil for Flashback Makeup Protection

If you are turning to the same or dark tones as your eyebrow when choosing eyebrow pencils, give it up immediately! Because when choosing eyebrow pencils, you need to opt for ones that are one ton lighter than your eyebrow. You can fix flashback makeup errors. For a beautiful look, distribute the areas where you apply eyebrow pencil/eyebrow gel with a brush and avoid the colors that appear cut off.

  • Choose Your Lip Pencil Well

It is necessary to take care of the color selection of the lip pencils that we use to frame our lips. If your lip liner is dark and your lipstick is light, your lips will look bad. The best way to prevent this is to choose the same color lip liner as your lipstick. Keep in mind that you can also use lipstick as lipstick.

You can read our flashback makeup article.

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