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When Historians Look Back 80s Fashion Men

80's men's fashion style
When historians look back 80s fashion men the great thing about junk hair is that it mostly takes care of itself.

When historians look back 80s fashion men at style at the turn of the millennium, they mark the past few years as things got blurry, which has accelerated into indistinguishable ambiguity as menswear trends cycled in, then out, and then repurposed. Blame the web, blame the sarcasm, but the past is a look that spent two decades in the wild before being reassessed. Now, everything is on call.

All in all, every style since the war has infiltrated modern menswear in some way. A compact Olympic tracksuit by Kent & Curwen in the 1940s. 1950s, Cuban collar shirt and pleated trousers. In the 60’s, in Easy Rider Americana. There’s Gucci’s take on ’70s fashion, everyone’s take on the ’90s, and in some ways even the specter of the 2000s has been called up. And now the 80s are back. But even stranger, the same was true of 1950s and 1980s styles, a kaleidoscopic self-depletion of sour jeans, boxy blazers and brushed-back hair.

“It feels like the ’80s has been around for about 10 years,” says Simon Chilvers, menswear style director at MatchesFashion. “Mixing of different eras seems to be just part of how fashion works these days.” It can be exhausting. Or, if you embrace the madness, add a freewheeling energy to your wardrobe where chic and ugly coexist, smart and casual collapse and the line between style becomes both Forward-looking yet nostalgic. In other words, where we’re going, we don’t need rules. So, keep in mind the best fashion styles of the 1980s and five trends from the decade that still look great today.

80’s men’s fashion style

The 80s were a pivotal period for men’s fashion. Bright colors, bold accessories and big hair were all the rage, creating the iconic 1980s look we think of today.

Here are some of the key ’80s trends to give you an idea of ​​what people wore in town more than 40 years ago.

80’s Men’s Workout Clothes

When people think of the 80s, the first thing that usually comes to mind is sportswear. We’re talking about colorful trench coats, shorts, tank tops, and most importantly: tracksuits. This is also when we see men wearing bigger dad sneakers.

80’s Men’s Casual Wear

Men’s casual ’80s wear is pretty much everything you’ll see in Ferris Bueller’s holiday aisles: cuffed jeans or khakis, cardigans, plain T-shirts, denim or bomber jackets, and loafers. Sweaters and leather jackets are also popular among men’s outerwear…plus points for retro sweatshirts (Cameron, we’re watching you) and parachute pants.

80’s men’s formal wear

Men’s formal wear in the 1980s was divided into oversized blazers (often bright or pastel colors), pinstriped suits, and how to wear suspenders with a tie.

Men’s 80’s Hip Hop Fashion

On the other hand, we have the hip-hop style of the 80s, which was all the rage at the time. Think of it as the original streetwear. 1980s hip-hop men had plenty of big pants (though not too baggy, it was the 90s), chunky gold chains, white sneakers, and sports caps. ’80s rap groups such as N.W.A. and Run-D.M.C. became the epitome of hip-hop styles that have been copied over the years.

80s rock menswear

Rock was all the rage in the 1980s, and so was leather. In addition to black eyeliner and long hair, the ’80s rocker was known for leather biker jackets, leather pants, any (and all) studs and combat boots. Men also started wearing headbands on their foreheads in this 80s style (thanks Bon Jovi).

On the other hand, the classic rock style worn by the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty is more in line with the men’s casual style of the decade, with lots of denim and tees (though headbands is correct).

80’s summer style for men

Ah, nothing says “the sun is out, the guns are out” like a hot day in the ’80s. In the summer of the 1980s, men wore shorts and tank tops, polo shirts, pastel suits, and completed the look with aviators or Wayfarers. Don’t forget the white calf socks and boat shoes, they’re a must for summer ’80s wear. Brightly colored parachute pants are also popular during the hot months for men.

What is 80’s fashion for men today?

If you’re looking for quick tips on men’s fashion in the ’80s, these are the main staples of the decade and how to style them today.

Think ’80s hair, and you probably think of perms, mullets, and flat tops. All of these come back, with varying degrees of irony. But all of this is also difficult to achieve.

You can re-dye it back in Michael Douglas’ style, or bleach it to pay homage to ’80s Kiefer Sutherland. Easier is a style that would define the look of someone in the 90s, but he inspired his look a decade ago: Kurt Cobain. “Grunge is definitely making a comeback,” said Denis Robinson, creative director of Ruffians, a mini chain of barbershops. “Think of what Kurt had in mind when he started Nirvana in 1987, and for a modern update, the surreal R&B Kiwi Connan Mockasin.” Other long hairstyles, whether you find inspiration from Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness or the samurai headdress, Both require a lot of maintenance. When historians look back 80s fashion men the great thing about junk hair is that it mostly takes care of itself.

“Ask your stylist for a broken bob with perimeter-length layers,” says Robinson. “For the ultimate version, don’t wash too often. After washing, set, spray with salt spray, blow dry until a little damp, blow dry from top to bottom, and flatten.” Use your fingertips to apply a little matte cream until you get a true Cobain silk, then tie the plaid shirt around the waist, forgetting what the hair looks like.

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